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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT – We have some VERY exciting news!

As many of you are probably aware, Tomoana Warehousing Ltd and Booth’s Transport Ltd have been in conversations in recent months around the possibility for some form of alignment. We are pleased to announce that effective as at 31st October, 2019 Booth’s Transport Ltd has purchased Tomoana Warehousing Ltd. Moving forward it will be business as usual for Tomoana and Booth’s, as both will continue to operate as separate entities with the same staff and management structure, however under the ownership and governance of the Booth’s Transport Executive team. Stewart Taylor will remain at the helm of Tomoana in a newly appointed Executive Director role, as well as fulfilling the role as interim General Manager.

This acquisition has come about from the desire to tackle some of the challenges in recent times head on, as well as the retirement of Trevor Taylor, the founding Director of Tomoana Warehousing. The Taylor family, firstly through Trevor and later Stewart, has been synonymous with both logistics and the Hawke’s Bay for over 40 years and we want to especially acknowledge and thank Trevor for his unwavering commitment to the logistics industry, Tomoana and the wider Hawke’s Bay community. From all of us we wish Trevor all the best in his retirement and trust he will enjoy some well-earned down time.

Most importantly, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you, our loyal customers and suppliers. Your continued support and patience over this period is greatly appreciated as we are aware it has had an effect at times on our service reliability in recent months, particularly at Tomoana, not to mention the uncertainty it created for staff, customers and suppliers. This acquisition has been undertaken to tackle these challenges and strain on resources head on and we want to reassure all customers and suppliers that the main driver behind this is to ensure we continue to expand on the service offering and support you have become accustomed to.

As we are all aware, the Transport and Logistics industry is a very dynamic and ever-changing market, which brings with it a huge number of challenges and exciting opportunities. Tomoana and Booth’s are both family run companies that share a huge amount of synergy with regards to core values. Both pride themselves on their service, safety and compliance obligations to staff and customers. Under this new ownership model, we believe all stakeholders will benefit hugely from shared resources, systems and processes, through access to a broader network geographically and a wider range of service offerings. In addition to this we see other exciting opportunities too with increased capability in key areas like resource sharing, sales, health and safety, training and IT to name a few.

Lastly, we are confident and excited about the alignment of these two highly regarded businesses and believe it provides a fantastic platform for growth and opportunities for all our staff, customers and suppliers. Once again thank you for your support, your loyalty and your patience and we look forward to working with you all to roll out this next chapter.


Trevor Booth, Craig Booth and Stewart Taylor